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Flirting with the Zodiac

Kim Farnell

Uitvoering: Paperback
Aantal op voorraad:
Prijs: € 19.00

ISBN: 9781902405230
Uitgegeven door: The Wessex Astrologer
Jaar uitgave: 2007
Pagina's: 228

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“What’s your sign?”
You may respond to that question with enthusiasm, scepticism or boredom. Or go for a witty put down like “stop.” But chances are you know the answer. You probably also know something about what it means. Sun sign astrology is so integral to our culture that we rarely stop to think about where it came from. We should, as it has a long, rich, fascinating, and almost completely ignored history. From ancient Babylon, it danced through Rome, kept its light shining in the Dark Ages, provided a fifteenth century best seller, befriended Victorian theosophists and finally exploded in 1930s newspapers. Sometimes it’s been a little quiet, but it’s never truly gone away. This is the true story of Sun sign astrology.


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