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The Rulership Book
A Dictonary of Astrological Correspondences
Rex E. Bills

Uitvoering: Paperback
Aantal op voorraad:
Prijs: € 19.95

ISBN: 9780866904315
Uitgegeven door: American Federation of Astrologer
Jaar uitgave: 2007
Pagina's: 440

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- This volume, a directory of astrological correspondences, is the result of a research project that drew together the thoughts of many others into a reference book, assuming the role of a dictionary to astrologers, but vastly more complete. It is the only place where all sign, planetary and house rulerships have been brought together and put in a good workable order. It is organized in such a way that one can use the book for quick and easy reference, and it eliminates the need to search through various other volumes. In four parts: an alphabetical listing, a listing by planets, a listing by signs, a listing by houses. Plus an Appendix with special listings: principal bones of the body, principal veins of the body, chart of an organization, flavors and handwriting forms. Enthusiastically endorsed and used by professionals and students alike, no reference library is complete without this best-selling volume.


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