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The Draconic Chart

Reverend Pamela Crane
Uitvoering: Paperback
Aantal op voorraad:
Prijs: € 28.50

ISBN: 9781903353127
Uitgegeven door: Flare Publications
Jaar uitgave: 2013
Pagina's: 354

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From the recognized authority comes the long-awaited revision of a pioneering masterwork. The Draconic chart is an extremely important element in a lucid multi-layered system, in which each zodiac expresses a distinctly different facet of human experience. This book focuses on the interaction between the familiar Tropical chart - describing the conditions of your current life - and the Draconic with its deep insights into your life's meaning: your driving principles, your spiritual purpose, your vocation, your karma. Twenty chapters and two appendices cover the history of Draconic and its meaning in the natal chart, in synastry, forecasting, rectification and even horary, with a host of examples. It also chronicles its author's own impassioned journey from her first apprenticeship to the discovery of Christ's Nativity.
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