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Barriers and Boundaries, The Horoscope and the Defence of the Pe

Liz Greene
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This first volume of the CPA Press Seminar Series explores the fundamental issue of how we defend ourselves against conflict and suffering through characteristic psychological mechanisms reflected in the natal chart. Unless we understand our own defence mechanisms, we can create enormous problems both for ourselves and for those with whom we are involved; and unless we understand the defence mechanisms of others we may fail to comprehend their needs and feelings as well as their behaviour. The pathological dimensions of defences and their creative contribution to the personality are carefully examined, with an emphasis on the value of defences and their function as sustainers of psychological and physical life.

Part One, The Psychology of Defences and Their Astrological Significators, begins with an assessment of the classical psychoanalytic delineation of defence mechanisms - oral, anal and Oedipal - linking these with particular elements and their characteristic behaviour patterns. Defences as expressed by each zodiac sign are discussed, as well as the typical defence systems of the planets and planetary aspects. The chart of Richard Burton provides material for an exploration of special defence patterns such as violence and alcohol addiction, and example charts from the group generate further discussion about the many ways in which we both protect and injure ourselves in the face of what we experience as life's threatening force.

Part Two, Saturn and Chiron as Defence Mechanisms, uses these two complex planetary symbols to explore all the experiences and feelings of denial and deprivation, wounding and damage, which make us erect barriers against life and each other. The characteristic defences of Saturn - avoidance, compensation, projection, scapegoating, envy, contempt - are discussed, as well as the positive and constructive function of Saturnian defences if we can bring some consciousness to the operation of our defence mechanisms. Chiron's meaning and expression are then explored, including the application of myths about Chiron to human behavioural and emotional patterns and the complex issue of collective wounding. Example charts from the group highlight specific configurations of both planets, leading to a discussion of the creative ways in which we can approach what may initially seem like our greatest failings.

Paperback / CPA Press / ISBN: 9781900869201 / Prijs: € 23.00

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