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Astrology, History, and Apocalypse

Nicolas Campion
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ISBN: 9781900869157
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The seminars included in this fascinating volume deal with the theme of astrology's use as a tool of global prediction over the centuries especially as part of a religious vision of the "end of days". Human beings have always been preoccupied with whether and when the world will end, now no less than in Babylonian and medieval times.

In its earliest form, astrology was employed not for the individual, but for the state and its ruler, indicating times of triumph and defeat, flowering and disaster. The millennarian world-view has not left us, and the fascination and panic surrounding the eclipse of August 1999, the dawn of the year 2000, and the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in May 2000 reflect our continuing preoccupation with celestial events and their portents. Every student of astrology can benefit from an understanding of astrology's application to historical cycles, and its inextricable links with those visions of the destiny of the world which still dominate, albeit unconsciously, the ways in which we approach the future.

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