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Elements & Evolution - The Spiritual Landscape of Astrology
The Spiritual Landscape of Astrology
Eric Meyers
Uitvoering: Paperback
Aantal op voorraad:
Prijs: € 22.50

ISBN: 9780974776644
Uitgegeven door: Astrology Sight Publishing
Jaar uitgave: 2010
Pagina's: 269

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Elements & Evolution is being considered by many as a major contribution to our astrological understanding. Astrology is now shifting to complement its familiar dualistic (good/bad, masculine/feminine) perspective , with a deeper spiritual, or transpersonal, approach. We are learning to identify not solely in our separateness (or ego), but to incorporate the soul. More and more people are embracing the idea that we are enrolled in a program of spiritual learning, that there is meaning to why we are here. Astrology can be more than a descriptive exercise to understand personality. It can be a powerful tool to assist us in awakening from our unconscious habits and patterns. This book outlines an overarching philosophy to understand our spiritual growth. The 4 elements serve as the not only the structure and catalyst for our evolution, they also compose our entire body/mind system. In a sense, we are nature (earth, water, air, fire) connecting and growing within the nature which surrounds us. The 4 elements have many roles in the process of spiritual evolution. . Elements & Evolution is accessible for a general audience. No background in astrology is required, but would be helpful. Not a book on the basics, it aims to build upon our familiar understanding of astrology in progressive ways. There are several potential contributions to the field:

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