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The Family Inheritance, Parental Patterns in the Horoscope
Parental Patterns in the Horoscope
Julier Sharman-Burke
Uitvoering: Paperback
Aantal op voorraad:
Prijs: € 22.00

ISBN: 9781900869355
Uitgegeven door: CPA Press
Jaar uitgave: 2007
Pagina's: 159

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This volume offers new insights and a compassionate approach to our psychological inheritance. It explores in depth the images we carry of our parents and our experience of the kind of relationship they created with each other, which is also the kind of relationship we tend to create ourselves in adulthood. Parents are patterns, and no amount of effort can eradicate these inherent patterns which are passed down to us over generations. Rather than avoiding our roots, we must learn to understand, live with, honour, and express them as creatively as possible.

Part One, Images of Mother and Father in the Natal Horoscope, presents material on planets in the 4th and 10th houses as they reflect the individual's perceptions of the parents in the birth chart. Family patterns associated with the planets are explored, as well as how the parental unconscious may affect children and the hidden psychological dynamics of the family inheritance which drive all of us in adulthood. Planets placed in the parental houses are carefully examined, not as a means of "blaming" one's family background, but in terms of how they reflect the individual's own experience of and feelings toward each parent, and how greater consciousness of these feelings and experiences can help to break destructive patterns and release creative energy for the individual. Seminar participants contribute their own experiences of planets in the parental houses, creating a lively interchange.

Part Two, Zodiac Myths and their Correlation with Parental Images, emphasises the enormous value of looking at charts through mythic eyes. This seminar concentrates on the parental signatures in the horoscope by exploring the meaning and ramifications of the zodiacal signs at the MC and the IC, and the myths associated with those signs. The myths of the zodiac are told and discussed psychologically, particularly in terms of how they reflect the images of the parents - their personalities and behaviour - as seen through the eyes of the individual. Myths are invariably embedded in and disguised by personal experience, and the discovery of the mythic backdrop underpinning the personal experience of the parents can be enormously healing, not only for the individual but also for his or her actual relationship with the parents. Group participation in the material fleshes out the archetypal images and gives direct and immediate insight into how these mythic themes are enacted in individual lives.

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